Testing Roundcube 0.8 Release Candidate (plugin compatibility)

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Exactly one week ago, on May 20th 2012, the Roundcube developers have released a new version (0.8) of their webmail as Release Candidate (0.8-RC).
As a long-time user (since version 0.2) I've always been testing migrations between the different versions and more important the compatibility of the plugins.

Version 0.8 is another major upgrade. Not only is it the first time, that another skin can be used (larry), also some of the Roundcube PHP classes (rcube_imap) have been improved and the framework has received a big facelift from alec (mail from December 27th 2011).
The big question is therefore: Will the plugins, independently developed, be compatible with the new skin and the new framework?

The following plugins are being used and work great in 0.7.2-stable:
- managesieve (bundled with Roundcube)
- password (bundled with Roundcube)
- lang_sel (version 1.5)
- authenticate_by_confixx_email (version 0.1)
- persistent_login (version 0.1beta2)
- sauserprefs (version 1.7, 20111204)

One plugin after another was activated in an updated 0.8-RC Roundcube with the following result:
- managesieve (bundled with new Roundcube version): working
- password (bundled with new Roundcube version): working
- lang_sel (version 1.5): working
- authenticate_by_confixx_email (version 0.1): working
- persistent_login (version 0.1beta2: not working
- sauserprefs (version 1.7, 20111204): not working (larry skin issues)

For the sauserprefs plugin, a new version, specially adapted for 0.8, has been created by the plugin developer. After the download and configuration of the newer version, the plugin was re-tested:

- sauserprefs (version 1.8, 20120408): working

So as of now, only one of the plugins I use (persistent_login) does not work correctly.
Maybe the developer will adapt it but even if he doesn't, an alternative is already present. Since 0.8, auto-fill possibilities can be enabled in the main configuration (main.inc.php):

// Allow browser-autocompletion on login form.
// 0 - disabled, 1 - username and host only, 2 - username, host, password
$rcmail_config['login_autocomplete'] = 2;

Update June 10th 2012:
The developer of the persistent_login plugin just contacted me and informed me about the latest version (1.0) which is now compatible with the new larry theme and can therefore be used with 0.8. The new version can be downloaded on http://sourceforge.net/projects/rcmailifpl/files/.

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