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VMware fixes slow hardware status bug
Tuesday - Jul 17th 2012 - by - (3 comments)

VMware kept their promise: It is Q3 now and a patch for the slow hardware status bug has been released.

The patch was released on July 12th and can be downloaded here: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2019107.

It is strongly recommended to install this patch. Not only will check_esxi_hardware.py work smooth as before again, but also will you access your hardware status in vSphere client much faster again.


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Comments (newest first):

Phil wrote on Oct 12th, 2012:
Tested against an ESXi 4.1 box, OK.

Upgraded it to ESXi 5.1, still OK.

Installed Dell OpenManage 7.1, still OK.

Claudio from Switzerland wrote on Sep 27th, 2012:
Hi Dave, I cannot confirm this. I received feedback from other check_esxi_hardware users already monitoring ESXi 5.1 hosts (Dell too).

Dave from Oregon, USA wrote on Sep 22nd, 2012:
Hi Claudio,
Been using you plugin for about 2 years, love it! Thought you may like to know, VMware just released ESXi 5.1 and looks like the slow hardware status is back. Although I am only trying on a mix of Dell Servers.

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