Danger in the Rush Hour!

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Yes indeed, the rush hour in the morning can be a dangerous thing! At least from what I saw this morning in Geneva's main station at 8.10am. What happened? So the IR (Inter Regional) train arrives and several hundred people are taking the (way too!) tiny exit off the platforms. The people have to wait in front of the escalators because there is only one escalator going down - the other one is going up. When it is finally my turn I stand on the right hand side of it and taking the ride down. 2m before the end I suddenly see a woman who's got her shoe tie stuck in the escalator (as we see it usually with kids). Some men try to help her but the escalator is still running, so a bunch of people are crashing into the standing people in front. At this moment I just get trough and am able to watch the scene. I'm looking for a red "stop" or "emergency" button on the escalator, but don't see anything. A woman see's a button next to the escalator and pushes it. You'd never guess what happened! It stopped? No! The escalator doubled or almost tripled its speed! So a whole lot more people are even faster crashing into the crowd at the end. Fortunately in these seconds, a man could release the stuck tie of the woman and the crowd is falling forwards into the hall. Have you ever seen an escalator without stop button? No? Then go to Geneva!

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