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In the past few I've written a lot of e-mails with Stephane Leprovost, a user of the Nagios plugin to monitor an IBM Total Storage Tape Library

Together we discovered that the previously used check for the cleaning status of a tape drive was, simply said, just bloody wrong. The used OID only showed how often a tape drive was cleaned. Of course not a value to use for the current state of a drive...

After some tests and a lot of patience we finally found the correct way to check for the cleaning state.

The Cleaning Status check has now been fixed in the newest version (20120901) of the plugin.

Thanks a lot once more to Stephane!

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St├ęphane LEPREVOST from FRANCE wrote on Sep 3rd, 2012:

We've done a great job together. More explainations in the MIB would have been great too!