Joomla aklazy plugin sets weird meta refreshes, causing high load

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I was recently debugging a shared hosting system where since a couple of days the disk IOs jumped up to the sky and general server performance went to its knees.

During the search for the cause I stumbled across a website process which often appeared at the top of 'top' - using lots of CPU resources. As the server is running PHP-FPM and every vhost uses its own processes it's easier to distinguish the responsible websites.
So I activated the HTTPFox addon and went on the probably responsible website. I wasn't expecting this:

Joomla aklazy plugin causes refreshes

You see right. Every time the website is loaded, an instant refresh (meta refresh 0) happens; causing the page to load infinitely.

According to the URL, the code to blame comes from a plugin called aklazy, obviously an extension for the so-called Akeeba-Backup for Joomla. 

Just by searching for that name, gives a lot of hints for it being a bad choice. First results were:

- AK Lazy Plugin preventing site from fully loading
- Site Die on upgrade Akeebabackup
- Warning sur le plugin Aklazy pour sauvegarde automatique
- AKLAZY Error - My site was dead

Great...  Even the official Akeeba-Backup site mentions the following:

Use this plugin at your own risk. We regret to inform you that we can not offer any support for any problems caused by using this plugin.
That's right. We recommend you NOT TO USE this plugin. There's a high chance it will cause problems. You have been warned.

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