I've refound my favourite childhood movies!

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When I was young (around 6-8 years) I have seen some movies which stayed in my memories. Without ever knowing what movies they were. Today I finally started my research - with success! Thanks to Internet and the good combination of keywords I've finally found the names of these movies! The Computer wore Tennis shoes (1969) One of my favourite movies when I was a kid. Pretty difficult to find this one! The only thing I remembered of this movie was, that a boy got an electro shock when touching a computer and somehow all the data information of this computer got in his brain. He then won several knowledge quizzes. The movie was from Walt Disney. I've found the next three movies through the list of Disney feature films on Wikipedia. The Cat from outer Space (1978) This was pretty easy to find since there are not too many movies with a cat from outer space ;-) Flight of the Navigator (1986) I've had nightmares of this movie! I still remember this one scene when the boy is in the ocean and there is this huge fish trying to bite him.. The Watcher in the Woods (1980) And now to the scariest movie Disney probably ever made! When I saw this one, I could not sleep for one week and I was horribly scared of other dimensions. Although it is in my eyes nothing for kids, it's a Disney movie and it stayed in my thoughts until now. So it must have been impressive! There is one movie missing though and I never found the title of this movie. So if anyone could help out, I'd be glad! What I remember is that at the begin of the movie, there are robots attacking the earth. There are two different spacecrafts to evacuate and a couple is supposed to take two different spacecrafts. After the start one of these blow up. After this scene I think I had to rush to bed because my parents came home - but I still want to finish that movie in my lifetime! :)

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