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ILO2 Firmware Upgrade fails with Internet Explorer 9
Monday - Feb 18th 2013 - by - (0 comments)

I'm back from my vacation (unfortunately they've passed way too fast) and jumping right back into work, even lthough I feel like a zombie due to a jet lag...

On an old server I tried to upgrade ILO2 with a new firmware version. The previous installed version was 1.26, dated from 2006. For the upgrade I decided to use the online method directly on the ILO2 page (upload the binary file).

First I downloaded the ILO2 Firmware version 2.09 for Linux (Firmware CD Supplemental Update / Online ROM Flash Component for Linux - HP Integrated Lights-Out 2) and unpacked the scexe file using the following command:

sh CP017013.scexe --unpack=/tmp/ilo2-2.09

This unpacks the contents of the scexe file which contains a binary file called ilo2_209.bin.

Then I launched IE9 on a Windows 7 machine and tried to use the online firmware upgrade in the "Administration" section. After a click on "Send firmware" the bar went until 99% and then nothing happened anymore. After some research I found out, that the firmware upgrade on the ILO2 page does not work with IE 9.

As an alternative I tested the whole upgrade process with Firefox (version 18.0.2) and this worked without problems.

By chance, the selected ILO2 version (2.09) fixes exactly this issue, as seen in the ILO2 change log:

  • iLO 2 firmware could not be upgraded when using IE9 browser.


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