Another Dell workaround in check_esxi_hardware

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A new version of the Nagios/Monitoring plugin check_esxi_hardware has been released today. 

It "extends" the already existing workaround for Dell systems with another CIM element always reporting "not connected" as well.
To be more specific, the CIM element System Board 1 LCD Cable Pres 0: Connected was exiting with return code 12 on a Dell PowerEdge R720 system.

Special thanks to Ricardo Pardini for reporting the issue and making a lot of tests for me.

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Steven from wrote on May 6th, 2013:


i\'ve solved with 60 min check.

Thank you again!

Claudio from Switzerland wrote on May 6th, 2013:

The plugin is very CPU intensive, not that it makes a lot of calculations, but it takes some time to fetch all information from the ESX hosts. You might have to adapt the check_interval setting for this check. It doesn't make sense to check the status of a hardware every 3-5mins anyway.

Steven from wrote on May 6th, 2013:

First of all thank you for your script. It's a very good work and is very important for my ESXi servers.
I want to ask you only one question:

can you look why the script request an high cpu?

18787 nagios 18 0 271m 147m 3116 R 65.9 14.7 0:02.82 check_esxi_hard
18756 nagios 15 0 204m 80m 3128 S 30.3 8.0 0:01.56 check_esxi_hard

Here the load graphic of the poller.
You can view the difference before and after I install the script.

Thank you again!