Windows 7 - the second try and a love story (?)

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So here's now an update to the history of the Windows 7 Beta installation which crashed (see the last blog entry). The failed installation was actually caused by a defect DVD which I've received from a Microsoft employee. It was an original Beta DVD, not a copy, so I thought "that must work". I've now downloaded the Iso-file and burnt a completely new DVD and installed Windows 7... with the following results: - Installation was VERY easy and fast. After 30mins my system was complete and I could log myself in. - The boot of the computer takes 35seconds until the logon screen appears. After the logon it took another 12 seconds until the system was ready and was not loading apps anymore. It is fast but of course the machine is empty. - The installation of Firefox took 5 seconds - compared to a new installed Windows XP that is rapidly faster! - The mix between shortcut icon and open program is a thing to adapt but it is a step into the good direction, it is better for the overview to not have an endless list of open programs in the task list. - On my main pc (Windows XP) I shared the WLAN-Connection. Windows 7 made a search in the network and explored, that my main pc is now a "Residential Gateway Device". I was surprised, that this would be discovered automatically. - The automatic change of desktop wallpapers is a gadget but nice :). - The Control Panel has a good overview and is loaded really quickly (compared to Vista's really long listing). So now I have to explore it a bit more. So far I can say that: I like it. It's a nice one this time!

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