Newest Facebook app update (3.2) on Android crashes system

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Google Play notified me yesterday about a new update of the Facebook app on my Android phone (CyanogenMod 9/Android 4.0.4 running on Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100). Because I've had some bad experiences in the past with some app-updates (especially Facebook), I read the comments. Quoting some:

*Updated* Even more diminished quality. After the last update, the app launches with a greyish black screen, then closes. Tried powering down then back up after update, same result. Can we please get this right? You were so close with the last build. Droid Razr Maxx

 This app is good but takes up alot of memory on my android phone I can only have this app and 1 more. It makes my phone run slow. Can you please fi this. Thanks.

I would be a lot happier if I was able to open the app more than once or twice. I am constantly getting a error saying there was an error in Facebook.katana the app will now forceclose, or some other type of error that gives me the option to forceclose, wait, or report. No matter which option I choose it ALWAYS forcecloses! I have not been happy with this app since it has been installed on every phone I have had, there has always been some sort of issue this one needs fixed ASAP!

 Closes out of pages and profiles .. etc ..... Fix please. Won't show comments when I post them or show the likes I get on statuses and it won't refresh worth crap !

But because on most comments the Android version or the phone model was not mentioned, I decided to install the update anyway. Mistake. Big mistake.

As soon as I installed the Facebook update, I tried to launch the app. First I only saw a black screen, for around 10 seconds. The the Facebook logo appeared on blue background. Waited another like 5 seconds and then the News Feed finally appeared. For around 2 seconds, then the application crashed. Oh great, I thought. But it got worse. Several services and other apps started to crash, one after another. I then tried to force close the Facebook app in the App Settings, which was still running, although it crashed. In a period of 5 minutes trying to stop the Facebook processes and getting a hell lot of notifications about crashed apps, the battery drowned from 40% to 7%!

I rebooted the phone and hoped it would help. Unfortunately not. Although I didn't start the Facebook app, the system started to crash again. I just had time to see the list of running processes and saw that Facebook now automatically starts two processes, using up 38MB of RAM. Time to uninstall! I thought. Because as soon as I pushed the "Uninstall app" button, the system crashed and the phone rebooted. Or tried to reboot - it was a boot loop where only a battery removal would help. I tried several times to uninstall the app, only to reproduce the same bug.

To uninstall the app and prevent the phone from crashing every 2 minutes, I did the following:

1) Login to Google Play on your computer. As you probably know, one can install and uninstall apps on your phone via your computer.  
Uninstalled the Facebook app (by clicking on the trash icon). Got notification, that the app would be uninstalled shortly on my device.

2) Rebooted device, connected to Internet. Got a warning symbol, that the Facebook application was uninstalled. But system kept on crashing.

3) Rebooted device into Recovery mode. Wiped Cache and Dalvik Cache.

4) Normal reboot to Android - but still got crash notifications "Unfortunately trebuchet has stopped". On an Android community board I found a post ( indicating, that such crashes could come from too few home screens (when an app tries to create an icon but there's no space anymore) or when there's still an icon of an non-existing app. The latter case is my case because the Facebook icon was still on my home-screen. 

5) Removed the Facebook icon from home screen.

VoilĂ ... my system and other apps aren't crashing anymore and I can use my phone again!

To Facebook: No - I won't install your app anymore. There have been too many bugs from your side! Already in the past your app contained a lot of bugs. But now it made my phone unusable and I can't let that happen. So bye bye Facebook. 


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