ILO update 1.16 to 1.55 fails - use 1.28 as intermediate version

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Just tried to update ILO3 on a HP DL 380 G7 from version 1.16 (Dec 17 2010) to one of the latest version 1.55 (Feb 19 2013) but got the following error message in the browser:

The last firmware update attempt was not successful. Ready for the next update.

A quick look in the readme file of the ILO3 1.55 package reveals:

PART NUMBER:  592410-013
FILE NAME:    ilo3_155.bin
TITLE:        Integrated Lights-Out 3 Firmware 1.55
FIRMWARE DEPENDENCY: iLO 3 should be upgraded to v1.20 before upgrading to this version.

But it also works with version 1.28 as intermediate version.

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