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This week I'm on call service, that means, in case of questions or problem I must answer the phone calls starting at 6pm and ending 8am. Usually it is quiet. But this morning at 7.45am I received a call.

Here's the call log:
> Hello, this is Claudio from the IT.
- Yes, hello. I have a problem with my computer. I did not shut it down yesterday because someone had to create a subfolder with my 10'000 mails. Now it is not working anymore!
> OK, what is not working anymore? What do you see on your screen?
- Everything is black and there's a yellow thing moving around.
> *thinking: this must be the screensaver!* I think your screensaver is active. Did you already press a key on your keyboard?
- No.
> Could you please press a button on the keyboard?
- Ah! Now it looks normal again! Thank you!

This is not a joke, this is really what happened this morning! It's 2009 and there's still people out there who don't know screensavers. That's my personal lesson today =).

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