Improved authentication error timeout in check_esxi_hardware

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A new version of check_esxi_hardware is available!

Carl R. Friend improved the authentication error handling. Before his change, the plugin took around 30 seconds to time out. Now a proper authentication error message is shown and exits (as UNKNOWN) in a few seconds.

See here some test results.


time ./ -H myesxi -U wronguser -P wrongpass -V hp       
 : Authentication Error! - Server: 

real    0m29.512s
user    0m0.080s
sys     0m0.011s


time ./ -H myesxi -U wronguser -P wrongpass -V hp          
UNKNOWN: Authentication Error

real    0m2.011s
user    0m0.038s
sys     0m0.008s  


Besides that I'd also like to mention that I've created a repository on Github for check_esxi_hardware. The goal is to make community contributions easier and faster.

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