Solaris: (Hot-)Add a new ip address to a zone without reboot

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Published on July 22nd 2013 - Listed in Solaris Unix Network

The following steps explain how to add an additional IP address to a Solaris zone without having to reboot the zone.

1. Edit the zone configuration with zonecfg
Add a new net section with the new ip address ( and the interface of the zone (see ifconfig -a for the interface name of the zone).

# zonecfg -z zone01
zonecfg:zone01> add net
zonecfg:zone01:net> set address=
zonecfg:zone01:net> set physical=z01ipmp0
zonecfg:zone01:net> end
zonecfg:zone01> verify
zonecfg:zone01> commit
zonecfg:zone01> exit

This prepares the zone to use the additional ip address on the mentioned interface.

2. Add the ip address with ifconfig

ifconfig z01ipmp0 addif netmask + broadcast + zone zone01 up
Created new logical interface z01ipmp0:2
Setting netmask of z01ipmp0:2 to


To remove an additional ip address from a Solaris zone, do the following steps:

1. Remove the ip address with ifconfig:

ifconfig z01ipmp0 removeif

2. Remove the ip address from the Solaris zone configuration:

# zonecfg -z zone01
zonecfg:zone01> remove net address=
zonecfg:zone01> verify
zonecfg:zone01> commit
zonecfg:zone01> exit

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Claudio from Switzerland wrote on Jul 22nd, 2013:

All commands are run on the global.

Alexander from Sardinien wrote on Jul 22nd, 2013:

Would be worthwhile to add, that the ifconfig command is run in the global zone
Or, is it? :-)