New mobile phone - a difficult decision

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Since the breakdown of my old SonyEricsson V800 in 2007, I have been using a Qtek 9000, a huge stone called Smartphone with a Windows Mobile 2003 Edition on it. It has been in my pocket for the last 6 years and it has been running since then. But time goes on and newer/better/faster phones are available. For the last two months I have been thinking about doing what everybody does and buy an iPhone. Or do something new and choose an Android phone. My decision was leaning towards the HTC Magic which is using the Android platform but last week, Apple announced the new iPhone 3Gs (Speed) with video, faster OS and other small improvements. iPhone 3Gs Pro and Contras ++ Easy to use ++ Many satisfied other customers (proven in business) ++ Multi-Touch ++ Huge internal disk (16GB for the one I am interested) ++ A huge list of applications to install from AppStore -- Only one application open (lying in front of the others) -- Dependent on Apple's will -- U must use iTunes -- No SSH client (you have to "jailbreak" the iPhone) -- Almost everybody has it ... HTC Magic Pro and Contras ++ A new phone ++ Open-Source OS ++ AppStore which is getting more and more apps ++ Almost everything configurable -- Small disk (512MB only, possibility to insert memory cards) -- No 3.5mm audio plug!!! aahh! -- No video -- Dependent on Google (at least in some functions) Today I have gotten the news that Samsung is releasing its own Android phone: The Samsung i7500 Galaxy. And this is the real iPhone challenger! Check this out: Samsung Galaxy Pros and Contras ++ 8GB internal memory and possibility to insert memory cards ++ Video ++ 3.5mm standard audio plug So everything what I thought "what a shit" done by HTC Magic will be improved with the Samsung Galaxy. My choice is made! ^^

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