Steps how to do a clean shutdown of a Solaris zone

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Published on October 1st 2013 - Listed in Unix Solaris

In Solaris there's the command zoneadm to manage the zones. But what if you want to shut down a zone? What steps should you consider? Here we go:

1. Disable the autoboot

zonecfg -z zone01
zonecfg:zone01> set autoboot=false
zonecfg:zone01> verify
zonecfg:zone01> commit
zonecfg:zone01> exit

2. Make a clean shutdown of the zone
... Do not use "zoneadm -z zone01 halt" unless you don't care about the data anymore.

zlogin zone01 "shutdown -y -g0 -i 0"

3. Detach the zone from the global

zoneadm -z zone01 detach


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