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Nagios-Plugins 1.5 out, check_procs finally with performance data
Thursday - Oct 3rd 2013 - by - (0 comments)

The release of nagios-plugins 1.5 was announced yesterday in the nagiosplug-help mailing-list. There was no massive hurray, no celebrations or similar, but it would have deserved it.

The nagios-plugins package has been "stuck" in version 1.4 for almost a decade. In fact the official release of the 1.4 version was announced on February 4th 2005 by Ton Voon:

This is just to announce that we have hit the 1.4 release for the Nagios Plugins. [...]
The Nagios Plugins team is proud to announce that Nagios Plugins 1.4 is released. [...]
This release includes major enhancements. With the growth of internet enabled devices, the IPv4 addressing range will be used up soon. Jeremy T Bouse has integrated IPv6 support into our networking utilities, so you can now monitor your next generation network.

So yesterday, October 2nd 2013 (8 years and almost full 8 months later), the release of version 1.5 was announced by Holger Weiss:

The Nagios Plugins Development Team is proud to announce version 1.5 of the Nagios Plugins!

By reading the changelog, the following plugins seem to have received a massive facelift:

  • check_http: A lot of changes and new options. Especially for checking the http header. 
  • check_mysql: Many enhancements in the client part of the plugin (options, ssl)
  • check_procs: New options and performance data added

... wait a second! check_procs finally added performance data? That alone deserves a big hurray.
Back in January 2012 I wrote an article (Nagios plugin check_procs misses perfdata and how you can add it) which describes this missing, imho important, feature, and how one can manually enable the performance data with a very simple patch.

Now let's look for some differences of the relevant parts in the source code, shall we?

check_procs in Nagios Plugins 1.4.0 - 1.4.16:

printf (ngettext ("%d process", "%d processes", (unsigned long) procs), procs);
if (strcmp(fmt,"") != 0) {
    printf (_(" with %s"), fmt);

if ( verbose >= 1 && strcmp(fails,"") )
    printf (" [%s]", fails);

printf ("\n");
return result;

check_procs in Nagios Plugins 1.5:

printf (ngettext ("%d process", "%d processes", (unsigned long) procs), procs);
if (strcmp(fmt,"") != 0) {
        printf (_(" with %s"), fmt);

if ( verbose >= 1 && strcmp(fails,"") )
        printf (" [%s]", fails);

if (metric == METRIC_PROCS)
        printf (" | procs=%d;%s;%s;0;", procs,
                        warning_range ? warning_range : "",
                        critical_range ? critical_range : "");
        printf (" | procs=%d;;;0; procs_warn=%d;;;0; procs_crit=%d;;;0;", procs, warn, crit);

printf ("\n");
return result;

Well that was about time! And here's my chant: Hurraaayyy!!!


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