One day left and the game starts

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OK my friends: Tomorrow will be the day I have been looking forward to the last four years: The EURO 2008 Austria/Switzerland will start. And better than I ever imagined: I will be in the stadium! Huwahhhyeeahh! Of course I will take pictures, of course I will show them here, of course I make you all jealous with that now ;-P. Which nation is the best, who's gonna be Europe's best football nation? My hopes tell me Switzerland of course but that would be a huge surprise. I honestly think this year Portugal could do it. And it makes sense: If Portugal wins Group A, they will most likely play against Germany in the quarter-final. If they win that quarter, they will most likely play against Croatia and after that in the final against France. Thats my presumption but life and the future cannot be seen in advance so we'll just see and enjoy!

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