Ghostbusters return!

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Published on - last updated on April 29th 2022 - Listed in Personal Rant

I recently had the chance to be at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival and followed the concert of Ray Parker Jr. Great funky tones, some Rock, great music.

At the end of the concert, of course, he played his most famous song "Ghostbusters". This groovy song moved my ass - I still like this song after so many years. And that's when I thought: I should redo my research about a new Ghostbusters movie!

It was 2 years ago when I first did a research with a sad end: Dan Aykroyd already wanted to film a third Ghostbusters movie some years ago but ONLY with the original crew. Bill Murray always refused to play in a sequel, so the idea died.

And now, in July 2009, after that concert in Montreux, I decided to check it again and: WOW! Ghostbusters III is in production! With the same crew! The state is currently "scripting", so they're writing the script of the film. Planned movie release: 2012! Whohooo! Who're you gonna call?

Update 2022: A real Ghostbusters 3 never happened

While I was reading this article, written a long time ago in July 2009, I can see how hopeful and optimistic (and naïve) I was. Meanwhile we are in year 2022 - 13 years later. And what happened? Disappointment:

  • Ghostbusters 3 never happened. The announced release 2012: Nothing. Reasons seem to be a long-lasting dispute between actors Bill Murray and Harold Ramis.
  • Harold Ramis sadly passed away in 2014 - making it impossible to make a revival with the original cast.
  • Another Ghostbusters movie was released in 2016, with an all female crew. Even the trailer looked so unfunny and disappointing, I never watched it; still refusing to watch this. Not because I'm against female stars, not at all, but I connected the original Ghostbusters so much with my childhood (including the animated series!) that anything less of my expectation was just a disappointment.
  • Ghostbusters 4: Afterlife was released in 2021. I knew from the trailer that this is targeted as a revival of the Ghostbusters movies, with young cast. In the trailer the three remaining cast (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson) can also be seen. This made me hopeful and got me to watch the movie. Although the story was actually pretty good (including sentimental tribute to Harold Ramis), the fact that children would fight bad-ass and dangerous ghosts - without even a little bit of fear - was just too much of a children's movie to me.
  • Just a few days after this update, sad news once more: Ivan Reitman, director of Ghostbusters I and II, died on February 12th.

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