Joy without technology: I am a father

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This is one of the rare posts which has nothing to do with technology, computers, broken stuff or gadgets. This one is personal and and I can't hide my pride. 

Since Tuesday I'm a proud father of a little girl. She was born just before midnight - right in time to have a great birth date: 11/12/13. That's easy to remember - even without a calendar app :-).

Because I am not someone spreading photos of other people (she'll have to do that mistake on her own when she's older), I won't post her picture (and for privacy reasons I won't mention her name). Anyway - I'm proud as hell of my own little family.

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Martin from Euskirchen/Germany wrote on Dec 15th, 2013:

Claudio, it's really nice to read such good news. I would like to send all my best wishes to you, your daugther and your little family.
Best Regards,