PHP application stopped working after PHP upgrade to 5.3 (T_GOTO)

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Funny issue on a PHP application which was previously running on PHP 5.2 and now since on PHP 5.3. Right after the migration the application stopped working.

Once I set the display_errors flag to 'on', the following error appeared:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_GOTO, expecting T_STRING or '(' in /var/www/ on line 174

In the mentioned php script on line 174 and found this:

function goto ($url){
echo "<script language=\"JavaScript\">

Doesn't look wrong to me, or does it?

Actually since PHP 5.3 the function name "goto" is now a reserved function and cannot be used as a function name anymore (source).

So I simply renamed the function to goto2:

function goto2 ($url){
echo "<script language=\"JavaScript\">

Of course I needed to replace the function name wherever it was used in this particular php application (around 15 different php scripts). After this change the web-application was running fine again.

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