Cannot ssh login to Joyent SDC Smartmachine: restart smartlogin

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Published on January 31st 2014 - Listed in SmartOS Unix Solaris

Occasionally I've seen issues with Joyent smartmachines (= Solaris zones) where SSH stops working, even though SSH is still listening.

An ssh attempt then looks like this:

ssh root@
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

To solve this issue, the SMF service "smartlogin" needs to be restarted on the physical server on which this smartmachine resides.

[root@computenode003 ~]# svcadm restart svc:/smartdc/agent/smartlogin:default

 The SSH login into the smartmachine should then work again:

ssh root@
Last login: Fri Jan 31 08:51:36 2014 from


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