Another two Dell elements ignored in check_esxi_hardware

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Since DELL released their Rx20 and Tx20 systems, I am getting more and more emails from users which get a WARNING from check_esxi_hardware on certain elements.

I contacted DELL several times to get a fix or at least response for the CIM return code issue - so far nobody seems to be responsible. Until this is sorted out, the ignore list is appended...

There are two new elements added in the default ignore list:

  • System Board 1 VGA Cable Pres 0: Connected
  • Add-in Card 4 PEM Presence 0: Connected

The now released version 20140319 of ignores these elements by default. It is not necessary to manually add the elements trough the -i parameter.

Thanks to Thomas Erne, Jon Gerdes, Scott Sawin, Alec Heron-Smith and Adrian Calinescu for reporting and testing. 

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