Debian Wheezy 7.5 is out - too soon?

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Published on - last updated on April 29th 2022 - Listed in Linux Rant

Past weekend we installed several Debian patches and were surprised that /etc/debian_version changed to 7.5. Usually there are announcements on the Debian website and mailing lists about that...

date; cat /etc/debian_version
Tue Apr 22 09:22:25 CEST 2014

By digging a little through the recent mailing list mails, I came across this topic with the following content:

Upcoming stable point release (7.5)
The next point release for "wheezy" (7.5) is scheduled for Saturday, April 26th. 
Stable NEW will be frozen during the preceding weekend.

See for the archived mail.

Seems that 7.5 was (accidentally?) released already a week before the scheduled date.

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