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Cannot uninstall Cisco VPN Client 5.0 on Windows 7
Monday - Jun 16th 2014 - by - (1 comments)

For a VPN connection, I wanted to install a new Cisco AnyConnect Client Software on my Windows 7 machine. As I happened to already have an older version installed (Cisco VPN Client 5.0), I first wanted to uninstall the older client.

Not that easy it turns out. The installed application didn't even appear in the list of "Programs & Features". And in the application folder itself there was no exe or msi file to uninstall the software. Crap.

Interestingly I found an article (http://www.maas360.com/maasters/forums/laptop-management/show/13/manual-uninstall-of-the-cisco-vpn-client) which explains steps to manually uninstall the software. The registry keys got me curious so I took a look at them.

For Cisco VPN Client I navigated to the following registry path:


And there I found an interesting registry key called "UninstallString":

Cisco VPN Client Windows Registry Keys 

I simply copied the content of this string into a command prompt box (launched as Administrator), inserted the UninstallString value and the automatic uninstall of Cisco VPN Client started:

Cisco VPN Client manual uninstall


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Rodrigo from Auckland, NZ wrote on Jun 4th, 2015:
Great, this is what I needed. I was trying to uninstall the previous version using TeamViewer, so I wasn't able to log off the user and user my admin credentials. Thanks for that!

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