Presenting new Nagios plugin: check_promise_vtrak

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I'd like to announce the immediate availability of a new Nagios/Icinga plugin called, a plugin to monitor a Vtrak storage device from Promise.

It is based on the already existing open source plugin and many helpful information was taken from this plugin written by Barry O' Donovan.

Although both plugins do similar checks, was completely rewritten and follows the programming structure (and layout) of, a plugin I wrote in the past, also allowing separate checks through option parameters and check types.

The plugin page contains the official documentation of the parameters and how to use it. It also links to the corresponding github repository. Yes, this is an invitation to contribute to the plugin, to make it better and to report about bugs! At this point I'd like to thank the open source community, especially Barry O'Donovan for his original plugin ( and Fabien Huttin for testing several Vtrak devices with the new plugin for me.

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