check_esxi_hardware: Support for multiple serial numbers for blade servers

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There is a new version for the monitoring plugin check_esxi_hardware available! 

Today's release (version 20150109) allows handling of multiple serial numbers. This makes particularily sense when a Blade Server is checked, because in many cases the serial number of the chassis AND of the blade server is returned. 

The new output will now look like this:

OK - Server: Cisco Systems Inc R210-2121605W s/n: XXXXXXXX Chassis S/N: XXXXXXXX  System BIOS: C200.1.4.3h.0.071820120442 2012-07-18

The relevant code modification was already done several months ago, but I only merged to the master tree today. I'm sorry for the delay.  

Big thanks to Helmut Eckstein and Andreas Daubner for testing the new version.  

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