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Cannot register RHEL 7 server (certificate verify failed) due to wrong time
Tuesday - Jan 13th 2015 - by - (1 comments)

I tried to register a newly installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 server with the subscription-manager command but got the following error:

subscription-manager register
Username: xxx
Password: xxx
Unable to verify server's identity: certificate verify failed

In the rhsm.log file there is the same error with a bit of more details but unfortunately nothing to point me in the right direction:

cat /var/log/rhsm/rhsm.log
[DEBUG] subscription-manager @connection.py:450 - Making request: GET https://subscription.rhn.redhat.com:443/subscription/users/xxx/owners
[ERROR] subscription-manager @managercli.py:156 - Error during registration: certificate verify failed
[ERROR] subscription-manager @managercli.py:157 - certificate verify failed

After some searching, I came across a Red Hat Solution, which mentions to check the current time.

Indeed, after having fixed the time, the registration worked:

date --set="13 JAN 2015 12:20:15"

subscription-manager register
Username: xxx
Password: xxx
The system has been registered with ID: xxx


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Comments (newest first):

Todd E from Taiwan wrote on May 11th, 2015:
thanks so much for your post! I couldn't figure this one out. I wish Redhat was a bit more insightful.

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