Will I still be root if I install an update on Sony Xperia Android?

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A while ago I wrote about the KitKat issue which prevents to (manually) write data to the SD card (Sony Xperia Tablet Z with Kitkat: Fix for permission denied on sd card). To solve that issue, I installed the towelroot hack to become root of the Android operating system and then installed the permission fix (see the mentioned post for more details).

Shortly after that, an update for my Sony Xperia Tablet Z was released. I wondered if the update would remove the previous hacks (fixes in my eyes) and I would therefore lose the root privileges? Will I still be root if I install the Sony update?

Sony Xperia Z Update Sony Xperia Z update Sony Xperia Tablet Z Version 

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Create folder in SD Card Sony Xperia Z write permission sd card 

The answer is: Yes. Hurray!

After the update I created a new folder in the SD card mount, as you can see in the screenshots above. And I am still able to become root in the Terminal app.

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