Gmail now supports sending from external e-mail addresses

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As the technical skilled Gmail (Google Mail) users know, one of the few disadvantages of Gmail is the use of external e-mail addresses. Example: If I wanted to send an e-mail to someone with an e-mail address say via my Gmail account, the recipient would see in the mail header that the mail came from my gmail address. Even worse: If someone uses Outlook, in the e-mail it would be written as following: From: on behalf of Claudio Kuenzler [] That just doesn't look professional, right? Today I discovered that Gmail has changed its settings page (Settings->Accounts and Import). You are now able to add (or edit) an e-mail address where you may set your own smtp server. This way, outgoing e-mails sent on your Gmail account pass via your real e-mail server, where your domain is hosted. Yippee!!

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