Ubuntu boot bug (error: diskfilter writes are not supported)

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A couple of days ago I installed a new test VM with Ubuntu 14.04.2 in my home LAN running in VMware player. An error appeared during boot:

error: diskfilter writes are not supported.
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As it was a test VM and I only needed the VM for a short time, I didn't really look that error up. But yesterday I installed a new production VM at work on ESX and hit the same error.

A quick research points me to the AskUbuntu entry #468466 and to the Ubuntu bug #1274320, a grub2 bug reported at the end of January 2014. On the AskUbuntu site, there is an excellent response why this bug happens by Rarylson Freitas.

The partition setup of this VM has the root (/) partition loaded from a logical volume, which seems to trigger this bug.

As this is a new VM, I decided to reinstall Ubuntu and to create a primary partition for the root partition. Ubuntu now boots correct without errors.

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