Argh - already a bugfix for delapacheuserfiles.php

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Well I've redone some of the tests of the PHP script delapacheuserfiles.php today - with the result of finding some bugs in my own script. D'oh! One of the most important bug is the following: When you launch the script and the root-folder (the lowest folder which is owned by the apache user) is not chmodded 777, the sub-files and sub-folders within will be deleted BUT this folder itself will stay as it is. Even the permissions will stay the same, so it's not even possible to delete it via FTP. I've now changed the handling for the lowest apache-user-owned folder. In some cases it won't be deleted, but the permissions will be changed so the FTP user can still delete it. New updated version can be found in IT Howto's / PHP Script: Delete files and folders created by Apache user.

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