Change sort order in Icinga Classic UI with Icinga 2 Core

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On my Icinga 2 installation with the Icinga-Classic UI there is a new default sort of the services. Instead of having the services of a host sorted in alphabetical order, they're now sorted by the last check. Meaning: The service which was last recently checked is on top. 

The overview of the services of a host then looks like this:

To change this behaviour back to the old ways (sort by alphabet by default), the cgi parameter sort_status_data_by_default needs to be enabled in the cgi.conf file:

cat cgi.cfg  | grep sort

According to the documentation, the sorting can be a little messed up when using Icinga 2 as core:

This option forces status.cgi to sort status data by default. Data will be sorted ascending. First by host name and then by service description. This is helpful if status data in status.dat is not sorted properly. This can occur especially if you use Icinga2. By default this options is switched off (0) to avoid possible higher cpu load in huge environments.

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