check_esxi_hardware now exits with Unknown status for timeouts

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Today a new version of the Nagios/Monitoring Plugin was released (20150710). 

This version contains a minor change in the exit status, when a timeout or an authentication error appears. In the versions before, the plugin exited with a CRITICAL status. This doesn't really make sense as the goal of the plugin is to monitor hardware and if a defect hardware is shown, it should return a CRITICAL status. Authentication errors or connection timeouts are annoying and need to be solved, true, but the UNKNOWN status matches better for this purpose.

Thanks to Stanislav German-Evtushenko for the contribution.

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ck from St. Gallen, Switzerland wrote on Oct 27th, 2015:

Hi Max. So far I don't have access to an ESXi 6.x host, so I can't tell. But as soon as I do, I will of course run tests. In the meantime could you create an "issue" on the github repo:

Max from France wrote on Oct 27th, 2015:

Thanks for your job, this plugin is VERY nice!
I have an issue with esxi 6 update 1a (Build 3073146)
with verbose mode, the plugin is blocked at "Check classe OMC_SMASHFirmwareIdentity"
did you validate this version?