Changes in Sun Customer Support since Oracle took over

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So here we go again. As I already let out my frustration about a previous SUN support case, my bad experience with SUN seems to continue.

Well everybody in the IT-world is aware that Sun has been overtaken, flagged, purchased, slaughtered (and killed?) by Oracle. But I didn't imagine in my dreams that SUN would just stop to execute customer orders or to satisfy clients. In fact, I just opened a hardware support case with Sun, describing that a sensor of a StorageTek has detected a dying battery which has to be replaced. No problem I thought.

-> Contacted Sun's Customer Support by e-mail.
-> Answer from Sun after 40mins, saying the maintenance contract ended.
-> Another e-mail to apologize we forgot to check that and if I could have an offer for the spare part (or that my request gets forwarded to the concerned dept)
-> Final answer from Sun: "bedingt durch die Uebernahme durch die Firma Oracle bieten wir diesen Service seit dem 01. Februar nicht mehr an. " Translated to English: "Due to the take-over of SUN by Oracle we do not offer this service anymore since February 1st."

Now isn't that great?! Thanks a lot! >:/

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