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Since my favourite two teams (Switzerland and Sweden) are now out of the Euro 2008 tournament, I can focus on my actual project. It is about transferring the content of two web servers to two different web servers. Sounds easy, but: - Hundreds of domains have to be transferred to another name server. These nameservers will be installed on the same new servers. Of course those domains belong to customers and they have to change the nameservers of their domains. Time intensive thing and I am sure, not all of the customers know how to change the nameservers. - 80GB of data has to be transferred through the internet to the new servers which are located in another datacenter. - Operating system upgrade. The old servers were running on Debian 3.1 sarge, the new ones are running on Debian 4.0 etch. - Recompile PHP and I will run into problems this time because the new servers are installed with the basic system only. So will have to install lots of packages until PHP gets to work. - Installation and migration of Confixx will be done from a third party company since I don't really know Confixx in details. - After all installations and data transfers, all domains in the nameservers have to be adjusted to the new ip's. Let's begin! You will find more information when the project is finished in the "projects" page.

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