check_win_net_usage now with network interface detection

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It's been a long time since I worked on the monitoring plugin, a plugin to measure (and mainly graph) network I/O on Windows hosts. 

But since November I am (again) integrating Windows hosts into an Icinga2 monitoring solution. The recent modifications in November weren't big changes to the plugin itself, however the newest addition is worth a little post about it.

With today's version (20151215) the plugin supports an automatic discovery of network interfaces on the target Windows host. This was always the most difficult part to figure out the correct name of the interface to monitor, because Windows sometimes named the interfaces differently in the OS as presented to the logged in user.

Here's an example how to use the new detection with the -d parameter:

./ -H -p 1248 -d
vmxnet3 Ethernet Adapter _5

This interface name can then be used with the -i parameter to start monitoring:

./ -H -p 1248 -i "vmxnet3 Ethernet Adapter _5"
Network OK - 16542 Bytes received/sec, 11120 Bytes sent/sec|bytes_in=16542B;;;; bytes_out=11120B;;;;

This should help a lot of users who have struggled to find the correct interface name.

I also adapted the documentation of check_win_net_usage to not only cover example configurations for Nagios and Icinga 1.x but also for Icinga 2 - including an apply rule.

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