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$* is no longer supported - Confixx Counterscript error
Monday - Mar 15th 2010 - by - (0 comments)
... and we're not completely done yet with the Confixx Counterscript problem. Well as described in the previous post, it runs again but the following warning is still shown:

$* is no longer supported at /usr/local/majordomo/majordomo.pl line 47. $* is no longer supported at /usr/local/majordomo/majordomo.pl line 47. $* is no longer supported at /usr/local/majordomo/majordomo.pl line 47.

This error is also due to the perl update to 5.10. As this forum post reveils majordomo is using old (deprecated) tags in perl. But more important, you will find this link which shows you exactly which lines to edit in majordomo.pl. Now the Counterscript is running smoothly again.


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