New version (20160411) of check_esxi_hardware available

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This is a double-release of the monitoring plugin check_esxi_hardware.

Version 20151111 contains changes from Stefan Roos where he cleaned up unused variables and properly defined the variable hosturl. The release of this version took longer because the pull request on github needed to be adapted first and because of a problem in the time-universe-continuum (= lack of time).

Version 20160411 contains changes from myself to support minor versions of pywbem.

Until recently there was always only one official version out: 0.7.0.A few weeks ago, pywbem 0.8.0 was officially released, followed by a bugfix and meanwhile the current stable version is 0.8.2.
While I was adapting the code to support such minor version numbers, I received an e-mail from a check_esxi_hardware user which reported the plugin was not working. A debug revealed that his system (CentOS 5) had a package named pywbem 0.7.1 and the python pkg_resources really showed this (never released) version 0.7.1. Although initially adapted for the newer 0.8.x releases, the modification now also work with such (unreal...) 0.7.x subreleases. 

As always, please report any bugs on the github repo.

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