New version of check_esxi_hardware allows different CIM ports (NAT)

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There's a new version (20160531) of the Monitoring Plugin to monitor the hardware of ESXi servers,, out! This version contains a new feature which allows manually define the CIM port.

The default CIM port listens on tcp/5989. However if you have several ESXi servers behind one IP address (NAT) you can now use port forwardings on your firewall our router and monitor all of them, too.

The newly added parameter is "-C" (--cimport). Documentation of check_esxi_hardware is up to date, too.


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ck from Switzerland wrote on Aug 20th, 2016:

Thank you for the contribution, but the plugin already checks the status of the raid controller using the CIM elements operational status or health status. Everything non-ok will be shown, including rebuilds or degraded states.

Micahel from wrote on Aug 20th, 2016:


Made an nice addon to check Raid status, this is made for an HP p420