Presenting check_es_store plugin: Monitor ElasticSearch store (disk) usage

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I'm happy to release yet another monitoring plugin intended for monitoring platforms like Nagios, Icinga etc: check_es_store.

What does it do?
The plugin connects to your ElasticSearch cluster node and checks the store/disk usage.

But that's what check_disk is for!
Well, not exactly. Lots of people (mainly developers) don't actually run their own ElasticSearch servers. If they did, yes, check_disk would be wise. But for all the other people having an ElasticSearch cluster in the cloud (SaaS) you know you have a certain size of a cluster you are paying for, but you don't actually know how much is currently used. Yes, there are surely tools and graphs from the ES cluster provider, but if you already have a monitoring, it makes sense to include this information right in there.

So in short: If you have a Nagios or Icinga monitoring and run an ElasticSearch cluster in the cloud; this plugin is for you.


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