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XML validation command line on Windows server
Monday - Sep 26th 2016 - by - (0 comments)

Was looking for a way to validate a xml file and came across a lot of posts of xmllint, which looked promising. However the Windows interpretation didn't seem to work correctly as it should have.

Eventually I came across XMLStarlet. It allows to be run on the command line and is able to validate and convert a XML file into other formats. Sounds good, but will it work?

First I tested the full xml file for its validation:

C:\Downloads>xml.exe --help
XMLStarlet Toolkit: Command line utilities for XML
Usage: xml.exe [<options>] <command> [<cmd-options>]
where <command> is one of:
  ed    (or edit)      - Edit/Update XML document(s)
  sel   (or select)    - Select data or query XML document(s) (XPATH, etc)
  tr    (or transform) - Transform XML document(s) using XSLT
  val   (or validate)  - Validate XML document(s) (well-formed/DTD/XSD/RelaxNG)
  fo    (or format)    - Format XML document(s)
  el    (or elements)  - Display element structure of XML document
  c14n  (or canonic)   - XML canonicalization
  ls    (or list)      - List directory as XML
  esc   (or escape)    - Escape special XML characters
  unesc (or unescape)  - Unescape special XML characters
  pyx   (or xmln)      - Convert XML into PYX format (based on ESIS - ISO 8879)
  p2x   (or depyx)     - Convert PYX into XML
<options> are:
  -q or --quiet        - no error output
  --doc-namespace      - extract namespace bindings from input doc (default)
  --no-doc-namespace   - don't extract namespace bindings from input doc
  --version            - show version
  --help               - show help
Wherever file name mentioned in command help it is assumed
that URL can be used instead as well.

Type: xml.exe <command> --help <ENTER> for command help

XMLStarlet is a command line toolkit to query/edit/check/transform
XML documents (for more information see http://xmlstar.sourceforge.net/)

C:\Downloads>xml.exe val xmlfile.xml
xmlfile.xml - valid

So far so good. But what happens if I change the xml file and remove some closing tag?

C:\Downloads>xml.exe val xmlfile.xml
xmlfile.xml - invalid

 Great, exactly what I needed!


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