Follow-up on Connection Error when trying to send mail on Android

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This is a follow-up on the previous post Connection failed error when trying to send mail on Android. One possible fix for this problem, as written in the filed bug report 1063, is to install the K-9 mail application, which according to the author should work fine. I tested it and installed the K-9 application from the Android market - without success. Even K-9 sent a localhost helo. But.. what I didn't try, was to install the latest version of K-9 which is still in development and not yet released in Android Market. I installed K-9 rev 2703 from the from the K9 project website and tested to send an e-mail using K-9. With the following result:[]: EHLO [][]:[]: 250-PIPELINING[]: 250-SIZE 10240000[]: 250-VRFY[]: 250-ETRN

Success! K-9 tries to send the localhost value as HELO command, if that fails, it uses an internal IP (here I finally can use my Android like I need it to!

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