Gandi domain registrar hacked?

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Published on July 7th 2017 - Listed in Internet DNS

Today we've received several messages that some websites didn't work anymore. Further analysis revealed that several domains suddenly had their DNS nameservers changed.

A whois lookup of an affected domain showed the following nameservers:

A DNS lookup using "dig -t NS" on affected domains all showed NS records of

A records were set to: (an IP address registered in Latvia).

Currently we have 922 domains registered at Gandi. 7 domains were affected and all nameservers pointed to the ones above. Without our doing. Without Gandi having done anything.

Direct communication with Gandi revealed that these manipulations didn't happen on our account only, several customers were affected. I was also assured that it has nothing to do with the new Gandi v5 version but that the problem was in between the Gandi backend and the communication of the domain registries (like for Swiss domains).

This pretty much sounds like a hack of Gandi's backend to me. Ouch :-((

The domain settings were quickly restored and an update to the nic servers were initiated. After a couple of hours our affected domains were running again. However I'm still curious in hearing, what exactly was causing this.

Update July 10th 2017: Gandi confirmed an "unauthorized connection" in their backend in a statement sent to the affected customers:

Following an unauthorized connection which occurred at one of the
technical providers we use to manage a number of geographic TLDs[2].

In all, 751 domains in total were affected by this incident, which
involved a unauthorized modification of the name servers [NS] assigned
to the affected domains that then forwarded traffic to a malicious site
exploiting security flaws in several browsers.

Additionally, SWITCH security (the registry of .ch domains) added a good technical article about that case here: 

Update July 11th 2017: Gandi added a special article on their news blog. On this article Gandi shares details about what happened. It's really worth to check it out. Appreciate the transparency at Gandi!

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