Presenting new monitoring plugin: check_lxc

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I'm proud to announce a new Nagios/Monitoring plugin: check_lxc.

As the name already tells you, this is a plugin to monitor Linux Containers (LXC). It needs to run on the LXC host and allows to check CPU, Memory, Swap usage of a container. The plugin also allows to check for an automatic boot of a container.

The work on this plugin already began several years ago, in 2013. After having recently added a CPU check I think the plugin is now "ready" to be used in the wild.

Back in 2013, when the plugin development was started, LXC was at version 0.8. I have taken extra precautions to keep compatibility between the LXC releases. As of today I can say that the plugin works from LXC 0.8 upwards.

Enough talk for now. Read the documentation of check_lxc, use the plugin and enjoy!

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Thomas from wrote on Jul 19th, 2017:

Thanks for your work, will be very useful!