HP ESXi Offline Bundle 1.3 - not working and disappeared?

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Followers of this blog -not many but at least a few- know, that I'm not a very big fan of HP. The more surprising it was to me, that a new software release of HP made me happy yesterday. I'm talking about a new version of the HP ESXi Offline Bundle (1.3). For those who don't know what this is about, this includes several CIM informations for better and more detailed hardware monitoring with vSphere Client. I was surprised and happy, HP makes some effort to satisfy customers and offers more ESXi support. And it has just been released April 27th so it's hot news!

HP ESXi Offline Bundle 1.3

But enough enthusiasm... It's HP!

Today when I tried to install it, I got the following error message on vSphere CLI:

vihostupdate.pl --server --install --bundle hp-esxi4.0uX-bundle-1.3.zip
Enter username: root
Enter password:
Vib signature is missing.

Vib signature missing? What the..? It looks like the bundle was not correctly created.

I tried to go on the same download site again to find some additional info and here is what I got:

We apologize, we were unable to find the driver description document you requested. Subscribe to drivers and support alerts to be notified when information is added.

The web page has been deleted. If you search on the HP website, the latest ESXi Offline Bundle is now (again) 1.2.

This is proof to me, that this package has not been tested well, has been released and that HP got too many complaints during two days, so they removed the download again. Once more... frustration thanks to HP. Sad!

Update 4.27pm: After hitting a refresh on the ESXi software overview, the latest available version is now officially back to 1.2. Good I made a screen-shot before! This confirms my theory, that version 1.3 was released even though it was buggy (therefore not well tested!).

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