New (modified) Nagios plugin to check hardware on ESXi

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This is actually not a new Nagios plugin at all, it is a modification of the script, written in Python by David Ligeret.

But yesterday I ran into the following two problems using the original plugin:
- For a host I received only an output (null)
- The hardware check didn't at all work on a HP ProLiant 460c where a Battery issue was reported on vSphere Client

On the internet I found two newer versions, one which solves the first problem, another one which solves the second one. To use both advantages you either have to use two different checks with both different versions of the plugin OR you combine both modifications in one script. And that's basically what I did. But I also added a hardware type switch (either 'dell' or 'hp') to determine the type of the host server. In my tests I sometimes got an OK message when there was a hardware problem due to different responses from HP and DELL servers. So this switch is necessary - at least for certain hardware failures.

All you need now is the plugin:

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