New version of check_couchdb_replication allows check of all replications

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I'm glad to release a new version (20180326) of the monitoring plugin check_couchdb_replication, which monitors CouchDB replications.

Two bugs were fixed and one important enhancement was added. Let's talk about the features, because nobody wants to talk bugs (if you do, check ^^).

The enhancement or new feature allows to check all discovered replications at once. Instead of defining a check on a certain replication (doc_id), the parameter "-r "can now be used as "-r ALL". This tells the plugin to go through all discovered replications and check all of them at once. You can still continue to monitor a single replication ID, too, of course.


# ./ -H -u admin -p mysecretpass -r ALL
COUCHDB REPLICATION CRITICAL - 2 replications not running ("doc_id":"claudioreptest" "state":"crashing" "info":"unauthorized: unauthorized to access or create database http://admin:*****@localhost:5984/db99/","doc_id":"claudioreptest333" "error_count":1 "info":"Replication `c7d010d31ab268968f22f4d71c5766bf+continuous+create_target` specified by document `claudioreptest333` already started,)


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