Wyse support: Frustration guaranteed

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support case , the; su|pport case; [a systems engineer needs help, which is already a rare case, opens a support case (also known as support ticket) at a Hardware or Software vendor; reports a bug; expected to receive a solution or at least answer within a short period of time respecting SLA]

I already wrote a few times about some support cases. Some of them were handled great and very professional. And some of them were just sending useless nonsense as a reply... but in general if one opens a support case, an answer will follow.

Not with Wyse. Since I work with Wyse ThinClients (V10L) I usually was able to solve all problems myself. 3 support cases were opened since July 2009. One of them was basically only a question, so not a real support case. The second case concerned a software problem which was causing high CPU on virtual machines having Wyse software installed. And the third one was opened two weeks ago filing a bug report or requesting investigation because the Wyse TCX Multi-display made (and is still making) financial java applications crash.

Seeing the following status of the cases just makes me angry:

Wyse Support Case

The only case which was resolved was the little question I had. The response contained a direct link where to find a specific download because the website doesn't link to it.
What the hell means a cancelled case? The problem was never resolved and it seems as some time passed (July to October 2009) they just cancelled the request. Of course without sending a notification e-mail.
The newest support case is now open and being declared as second-highest priority (medium business impact) it didn't even get assigned within 9 days. Thats 2 weeks in business days! The 'Last updated' info just shows, that I have changed the priority in hope to finally get someone taking care of my case.

Wyse might produce some good pieces of ThinClients - but their support is ridiculous.

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