Hands on Dell PowerVault 124t (LTO5)

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LTO5 is slowly but surely rolling into enterprises and with never-ending-growing data, this is a good, adapted way to make backups. One LTO5 tape can hold up to 1.5TB of data - even 3TB compressed. That's a lot of capacity for one tape...

But to be able to use the new LTO5 tapes, a LTO5 tape drive is necessary. One of them is the Dell PowerVault 124t and here are some pictures:


As you can see, there is one ethernet interface (1Gb/s) and one SAS-connection for a physical server or workstation (which sends the commands to the PV124t). The new SAS connection is necessary for LTO5 tapes, at least on the PV124t, otherwise the data transfer would be too slow. By default, the PV124t still comes with a SCSI card, but as said, if you want to use LTO5, you need to change that.

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